Who We Are

The Finest Tattoos in Chicagoland Area

Dark Water Studio got its humble beginnings on Harlem Avenue in Bridgeview, IL in 2009.  Jose Perez Jr., first started with a family style walk-in shop and quickly got on the map as the premier location for tattoos in the Chicagoland area.  With his ever growing popularity, Jose wanted to build something bigger but at the same time, give each of his clients a whole new experience getting a tattoo.  Elegance, beauty, exhilaration and comfort are all things he saw in his tremendous vision.  In the early part of 2015, Jose opened a new “private studio” in the beautiful suburb of Willow Springs, IL.  With his new studio he could provide not only a quiet, comfortable environment for his clients but a sanctuary for all things art.  Everything from a rotating art gallery to spacious private client rooms.  Every detail meticulously thought out down the last easel and frame is what makes Dark Water not just a tattoo studio but a tattoo experience.

Meet Our Staff



Amanda has a Bachelor's degree in Animal Science and Animal Ecology.  A long time friend of the studio, she is the backbone of Dark Water.  She ensures that our day to day goes smoothly for both clients and our resident artists.  Amanda is also in charge of scheduling all appointments, so bringing an occasional Starbucks can only help you (wink, wink).  Amanda spends her free time traveling and enjoying the company of her dog Remy.  She loves listening to her vintage vinyl collection and also enjoys photography and antiquing.



Amy has been a part of Dark Water since day one.  Always right by Jose’s side, she started as a humble tattoo artist but quickly yearned for more.  She decided to take on the wild beast known as marketing.  She is self taught and has helped build a brand that will stand the test of time.  From her meticulous choice in fonts all the way down to the final layout, you can thank her for the years of social media eye candy.  



Meet the man behind the lens.   Owner Jose Perez Jr knew years ago that content is KING, he knew hiring a full time videographer to document the amazing work at the studio was key to success.  So in comes "FLOTRON".  DePaul graduate with over a decade in media creation.  Make sure to smile for the camera!

Jose Perez Jr.